Fuming Guerilla Productions deploys interesting design with a thoughtful approach to re-imagine your environment.


We pay our artists as professionals (because they are) and cover our company overhead. We're not operating for profit, just change.


Being able to convey the importance of community and unity through art is one of the most powerful ways to connect with people. Jetty Extracts is a company that understands this and sponsored the Ghost Ship Memorial mural featuring the talent of the Oakland artist, Vogue.


We have experience designing interiors for businesses and offices that become an essential part of the environment. Not only does this make an earned media opportunity, it makes a nicer work environment for the employees or volunteers.



If you need your patrons to have a strong impression from the outside to the interior, we have the ability to make that happen .

Green Living With An Artful Outlook.


City Ventures' new project located in West Oakland is a good one for commuters. Located as close as you can get to the bridge taking you to San Francisco and a few minutes from the 880 freeway as well as West Oakland Bart, it's east to get around. What else is nice is that there is solar power included in this community...oh yeah, and art! FGP finished 1 of 2 murals that serve as the frontage road wall and rather than leave it uninspired, we took you through a contemporary and abstract time-line of West Oakland history.



An Abysmal Office In West Oakland Gets A New Look.


The building owner and employee of Wrist Ship Supply (the largest shipping company in the world headquartered in Denmark) wanted to turn his building into an inspiration. They called upon FGP to do something that would fit the neighborhood and honor both the history of West Oakland but also be contemporary. This mural led by master artist Vogue and a host of skilled guest artists and a few interns has become an iconic Oakland must see spot for public art.



Anchorage's Bartlett High School is Treated Hella Good


When you have two Oakland Artists that originally came from Albuquerque New Mexico, painting in Anchorage Alaska, what is the result? Excellence. The design aesthetic of David Polka and the wildlife lover Ernest Doty bring this mural to life that honors the Bartlett High Golden Bears and makes for a beautiful mural at home in Alaska or anywhere else. 



An Enormous Mural To Match An Enormous event


Often called the Bay Area’s biggest and best rummage sale, the annual White Elephant Sale is the primary fundraising event for the Oakland Museum Women’s Board. Now in its 58th year, the Sale is held the first weekend in March and attracts a corps of over 1,000 volunteers from around the Bay Area. Proceeds from the Sale benefit the Oakland Museum of California. Fuming Guerilla Productions help bring in an entirely new audience to this annual event from the mural and infused the sale with over $250,000 in additional revenue the year the mural was unveiled. Artists that made this happen were Doty,Griffin and Vogue



High-end Historic Alameda Home With A Modern Twist


Mr. Langhammer called on Fuming Guerilla Productions to do something outrageously fun for his glass studio in Oakland, CA. The results were so spectacular and gained such notoriety that he wanted to do something equally as interesting for a large cement wall in his backyard. The artist for the job was Ryan Montoya, with his vintage 60's illustrative comic book style he made a foundation of art as the centerpiece for this private backyard. 



Iron Mountain


The corner of Grand Ave and Mandella in West Oakland is not letting you drive by without noticing...



Ballantine's Whisky

Acala Studios

Golden State Prep School

Golden State Prep School

Wolf Hound Bar