Fuming Guerilla Productions Is Oakland and San Francisco's Answer to Street Art and Graffiti Inspired Mural Designs.


We're more concerned about creativity and a story than just color on a surface. If you want to enhance or transform an environment, then let us design something specifically suited for you.


Being able to convey the importance of community and unity through art is one of the most powerful ways to connect with people. Jetty Extracts is a company that understands this and sponsored the Ghost Ship Memorial mural featuring the talent of the Oakland artist, Vogue.


We have experience designing interiors for businesses and offices that become an essential part of the environment. Not only does this make an earned media opportunity, it makes a nicer work environment for the employees or volunteers.



If you need your patrons to have a strong impression from the outside to the interior, we have the ability to make that happen with custom lettering. From graffiti styles to traditional typography to mimicking your brand's type, we can ensure the letters are equally as powerful as images.